Thursday, January 12, 2012

2 - Invite Popeye to dinner!

I can't complain.  My kids are pretty good eaters.  I would like to think that my kids are good eaters because I breast fed them all, and, just to be sure my kids were getting the taste of broccoli in the breast milk, I, personally, would take an extra serving of vegetables at dinner time when I was breast feeding.  Did you know, breast fed kids are suppose to be less picky eaters because they have experienced so many tastes, before they even start on solids?  So they say.  I would also like to think that it is because my husband and I trained them well. We diligently fed the vegetable baby foods, one at a time, until they were all being consumed rather than spit out, before moving onto the sweeter fruits. Did we train their pallets to accept the bland and bitter?  All that being said, they are still kids, and would rather eat PB and J's than green beans. 

But, you never would have believed what happened at dinner the other night.  Their eyes lit up when they saw the bowl of dark greens (and bacon!) coming to the table.  I made Collard Greens (from my garden :-), and the kids grabbed the tongs and put some on their plates as soon as they sat down.  Their little faced scrunched up as they chewed up and swallowed their bitter greens, without a single reminder to eat their veggies.  Apparently, I haven't mastered the art of cooking greens.  Regardless, they ate it, all in the name of Spinach.  I didn't dare tell them that it wasn't actually spinach.  They had recently seen Popeye, thanks to an old school DVD I had picked up from Goodwill, and they were eating in the name of bulging Popeye style muscles.  As soon as it had been swallowed, they promptly started making muscles and saying, "Look how strong I'm getting!"  Indeed.  As long as they overlook the smoking pipe and fighting, Popeye is quite a role model.  I just want to know, why don't more cartoons involve superhero's that require vegetables to activate their powers?

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